As an integral part of the Manchester Community, MEN Media hold four annual awards ceremonies to celebrate community heroes and acknowledge success in local business.

Events sponsorship may be the perfect way for your business to attract and engage new customers.

Our events offer your company an exceptional opportunity to highlight and promote your business to a captive audience, increase your credibility and raise your company profile by associating with trusted brands.


So why should your company sponsor an MEN Media event?

  • Association with long-established multimedia brands
  • Extremely good value for money
  • Enhancing image and shaping consumer attitudes
  • Creating positive publicity and heightened visibility
  • Differentiating from your competitors
  • New clients, new customers, new business

Business Awards

Our most successful awards scheme celebrates business success and recognises the contribution businesses make to our local communities. By sponsoring this kind of event you’ll align your own brand with best-in-class businesses, both large and small. The events are attended by MDs, FDs, CEOs and other senior level decision-makers within local businesses.

Women in Business Awards

The Women in Business Awards provides stage for inspirational business women to be recognised and applauded. Position your brand alongside the most pioneering and enterprising women working in business today.

City Life Awards Awards

These awards highlight the achievements of independent businesses and individuals who help to raise the region’s profile by offering the very best in food, drink and entertainment venues. The awards celebrate the city’s vibrant cultural scene.

Greater Manchester Schools Awards

Our Schools Awards celebrate the talent and hard work that goes into teaching and providing education across our regions. These awards are not about Ofsted ratings or exams – they are about the people who inspire, support and cultivate the talent that offers so much for the future. Be part of these extremely well received awards that raise moral across the sector and reward those who drive education forward.