Social Media

Social Media has changed the marketing landscape over recent years. While there are many benefits to Social Media, it can be time consuming and tricky to get right. Our digital team will design bespoke company branded accounts, that reflect your business objectives and personality.


Social Media Management

Managing social media can be incredibly time-consuming, so why not let us take care your presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more? We’ll prepare a strategy for you, manage the content, the channels used, and the frequency.

There are many benefits of letting us manage your social media presence:

  • Engage with customers in a more personal way
  • Build an online fan base
  • Attract more visitors to your website
  • Associate your business with our trusted newsbrands

Facebook +

If you know your audience, you can target them using our Facebook+ service.

Our Social Media experts will design an eye-catching advert for you and target the campaign to the most relevant audiences via our dedicated partner accounts. Social users will instantly spot our reputable newsbrands and your business will be noticed with the added benefit of brand association, boosting credibility and driving traffic to your website.

At the end of the campaign, you will be provided with a post campaign report, detailing the campaigns success and reach.


We can also introduce your brand to our thousands of Twitter followers with a sponsored tweet or Twitter competition that are professionally composed by our editorial teams. Your tweet will appear within the Manchester Evening News Twitter time line, using #ad to highlight the sponsored content.